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  • some suggestions

    1. i think something that would prob be hard to put in the game but it would make it lots more fun - if u announce a song or album early then there's more of a chance it could leak and if it leaks then the song/album will recieve less sales
    2. i've been playing lots of music wars rebirth (2) lately and i love the idea of a bubbling under chart in the us, i think that could be implemented here
    3. i also loved that our songs could flop because i feel in mwe our songs can never flop/if they do they always end up rising to the top 10 and i wish that didn't happen.
    4. mv likes & dislikes - i feel like if a music video is more controversial it could get more dislikes aswell
    5. i also think that another idea is album tracks could chart and also promo singles could chart (but only if they are very popular)
    6. i think we should be able to choose our festival setlists (not for every festival but like we reuse the same setlist for like a year)
    7. i've seen this here before but also to be able to sell songs we don't use to other artists and it gives our artist more profit and a little of the profit goes to us/the label
    8. mixtapes should also be able to chart
    9. other artists can ask for us to collab with them/we can ask to be featured on one of their upcoming songs
    10. if we terminate an artists contract with like 5 reputation we don't loose 10 of our reputation