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    Hey, antuan! So to not flood every topic with suggestions, I decided to create a topic where I'll concentrate everything I think it would be interesting to have in MWRS.

    - On the Certifications page, change that new certifications appear at the top (in the style of the RIAA Certifications' page, which shows the latest certification first).
    - Be able to add covers for singles and projects.

    Two ways for album re-releases:
    - Add a single to an existing project: Dua Lipa added "Fever" (a duet of hers with Belgian singer Angèle) to the digital version of Future Nostalgia. In MWRS, at the bottom of the tracklist, a "+" button could allow the player to add a new single in an existing project. This only would work with singles.

    - Deluxe: By pressing the "Create Deluxe" button, the game would create a duplicate of the album we want to use this option. It would have the total streams of the original album, but the Deluxe's sales will be based on the week the album is on (if the album is on the 41st week, then the Deluxe will be based on those sales the following week). In Deluxe you can add singles and new songs (like for example The Moonlight Edition of Future Nostalgia) and it will have different peaks in the charts, as if it was a new release.

    - Addition of New Charts: It would be interesting to have Canada, Latin America, Oceania and Asia back. And now it's time for Africa and Middle East to debut in a MW game. It also would more add more representation, giving more opportunity to players to play as Egyptian or a South African artist for example.

    Also, we need back:

    - mVerse 200 Albums - List of the best selling albums of the week.
    - mVerse 70 Singles - List of the best selling singles of the week.
    - All Time Singles Chart / Best Selling Singles (Top 100) - List of the best selling singles worldwide.
    - All Time Albums Chart / Best Selling Albums (Top 100) - List of the best selling albums worldwide.
    - Best Selling Acts (Top 100) - List of the best selling acts worldwide.

    - For the albums, a line with World/Total sales for the artist's project and singles would be great to have, so we don't need to calculate the sales ourselves.

    - Similar to the Reputation page in MWR/MWE, it would be nice to know the sales of our artist in each chart, with their amount of No. 1s, Top 10s and Top 40s.

    - A Wiki/Discography page, similar to an artist's discography article on Wikipedia. With information of their Best Selling Project, Best Selling Single, Longest Charting Project, Longest Charting Single, Highest Weekly Selling Project, Highest Weekly Selling Single and their Total sales (Projects / Singles). Also it would be so good as well if the game could generate a sheet with their album/single peaks, like in the MWR/MWE series.

    - Greatest Hits: Like The Weeknd's The Highlights, we can compile our singles in a single project. Even if the sales would be total crap, what matters is the Total streams of this project would be high. And releasing it would give a little boost in the singles included.

    - Compilation: We can put singles and unreleased material in this option, like in MWR2/MWE. For example Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio: Volume 1. It also would give a little boost in the singles included.

    - The possibility to add songs in multiple projects, so we can explore our artist's catalog a little better (release EPs with the songs, add them in different Greatest Hits and Compilations, etc.).
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    I saw some screenshots that people posted on Discord and Twitter and I noticed that the streams are low. My suggestion would be to the game also consider Free Streams and Paid Streams as part of the formula, so we have more streams in a week and fair sales. These are the users of each streaming platform, separated by Free and Paid.

    - Free - (496 million users)
    Deezer 16kk
    Pandora 58kk
    Spotify 422kk

    - Paid - (372 million users)
    Amazon Music 55kk
    Apple Music 72kk
    Deezer 7kk
    Pandora 6.3kk
    Spotify 182k
    YouTube Music 50kk

    Free represents 57,12% of the total users, while Paid 42,88%. Considering that the No.1 song on Spotify US did 10 million streams in a week, its sales should be around 35k copies. (Just an example, cause Spotify is the only platform that shows the number of streams).

    The formula I used: ((10903346*57,12%)/375)+((10903346*42,88%)/275)
    375 Free Streams = 1 sale
    275 Paid Streams = 1 sale

    Of course the percentage of Free/Paid users may vary from each continent/country (Latin America, Europe, UK, etc), but I think it's a nice way to start. Or maybe the game itself could separate what's a Free stream and what's Paid, so it would have a bit of difference from each project/single released.
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